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Seamless Frame and Panel Scenery

A Seamless Set with the benefits of our Frame and

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Seamless Set with Frame and Panel Trim

Combine the MBP Scenic Seamless Set with our Frame

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Acrylic Panels

New additions to our Acrylic Panel inventory

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42″ LED Front Panel Podium for enhanced logo

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  • What is modular frame and panel scenery?

    Modular frame and panel scenery is a system that allows many different scenic elements to be built from the same stock pieces. This flexibility is made possible by the unique structure and skin design. The structure is made of aluminum square tubing that has been welded into frames of various sizes. The skin is made of fabric covered panels that adhere to the frame structure with Velcro to create the finished look.View an Installation for an illustrated description of how our frame and panel system is assembled.
  • What are the advantages of modular scenery?

    It ships compactly, occupying a smaller amount of space and weighing less compared to traditional scenery. So it costs less to ship. In terms of speed, modular scenery goes up quickly and comes down even faster. Its flexibility allows you to easily alter the height and the width of the set to deal with unexpected job site conditions while maintaining the show concept, giving you design flexibility on and off the job site.  And because frame and panel scenery is modular there is more than one way to set it up and take it down.
  • How do the panels attach to the frames?

    The panels are covered in a loop fabric and adhere to the set through the use of hook Velcro. The shear strength of Velcro is very strong which makes it an elegant and simple solution. Because our panels are covered with a loop fabric you have the flexibility to place signage and product displays anywhere on our scenery.
  • How does it look under theatrical lighting?

    It is designed to be a canvas for the light designer. It paints beautifully with light. We also provide acrylic panels that can be illuminated from behind to enhance the light design. If you have a small budget for lighting we recommend our Bravo panels, (a marbleized gray), which look elegant and handsome under normal light.
  • What colors do you offer?

    Our most popular color is Platinum, an off white color that receives light very well and is loved by light designers everywhere. We also carry Bravo, Black and Royal Blue. Custom colors are also available upon request at an extra cost.
  • How long does it take to assemble the modular scenery?

    The length of time depends on the size of the show. The majority of installations take between 4 and 6 hours. Regardless of the size of the show there are many ways to increase the speed of the installation. It can be partially pre-assembled on or off site. It can also be assembled hours before the rest of the show elements load in. A clear ballroom floor saves time as well. Labor management also saves time, and adds speed.
  • How much labor do I need to handle modular scenery?

    Assembly of our scenery requires one MBP supervisor and/or MBP trained technician plus two stagehands.
  • How is the set supported?

    We prefer to keep our scenery ground-supported with two sand bags on every jack. It can sit on the floor or on the stage. It is also suitable for being flown.
  • How high and wide can you build modular scenery?

    It can be built up to 19 feet tall free-standing. If it is built higher it will require overhead rigging support. Any width is possible.
  • What services do you offer?

    MBP Scenic provides complete turn-key solutions, from design to delivery to installation to removal. One call and all your scenic needs are taken care of. We are a one-stop shop for quality scenery and service you can depend on.
  • Do you sell your gear?

    Yes. We are a rental house first but we do sell our scenery. We have a number of packages available or a build-your-own option. We also offer service maintenance packages.
  • What is a service maintenance package?

    You buy the scenic and the cases. We store it, ship it and set it up for you. You just have to pick up the phone. We charge a fee every time you need the gear plus the shipping charge.
  • How do I begin a design for my show?

    Let us know what your requirements and limitations are and we will work with you to design scenery that works for you. Give us a call, answer a few questions and we will provide a design that looks good and fits your budget. Then we will send you a quote and a dimensional drawing of your design. We recommend you visit our Portfolio to see if any of our past designs strike your fancy. This will help us design your show.
  • Why should I use frame and panel scenery?

    If you need a professional and attractive set at a price that fits your budget, call MBP Scenic, Inc. For flexibility on a budget, and flexibility on and off the job site, modular frame and panel scenery is the answer. It ships compactly, assembles quickly and always looks good.

To provide creative, cost effective  “Modular Scenery” for a truly “Professional Look”.


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