Seamless Frame and Panel Scenery

Admin/ July 29, 2015

A Seamless Set with the benefits of our Frame and Panel Scenery. With our new Seamless Set, MBP Scenic is able to provide a custom look with the same benefits of our Frame and Panel Scenery. Time savings, on-site flexibility, and cost sensitivity.

Seamless Set with Frame and Panel Trim

Admin/ July 29, 2015

Combine the MBP Scenic Seamless Set with our Frame and Panel Scenery for a detailed finish. Our Frame and Panel Scenery can be utilized to complementthe Seamless Set with skirting, carry offs, control booth surrounds, podiums, and trim for onstage equipment. A uniform design for any meeting environment.

Acrylic Panels

Admin/ July 29, 2015

New additions to our Acrylic Panel inventory expand your design options. 2′ x 2′ Acrylic Panels with Black frame surrounds for creative design options. Also available with our brushed aluminum finish.


Admin/ July 29, 2015

42″ LED Front Panel Podium for enhanced logo display. MBP Scenic has added a new podium design to our inventory. Our Frame and Panel Podium is combined with a front mounted and inset 42″ LED monitor.  Enhance your corporate logo or meeting theme with HD clarity and brilliance.

Garden Walk

Admin/ November 14, 2013

In June 2013 MBP Scenic participated in the Annual North Center Community Garden Walk.  An Acrylic “Expression” was provided to display pictures and information about the local “Common Pantry”. Visitors were able to view and take away a brochure which described the various services offered to the community. A tasteful display set in the Spring Garden background was a success

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