Garden Walk

In June 2013 MBP Scenic participated in the Annual

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Acrylic Pedestals

Spice Up Your Next Show!

Acrylic Pedestals provide an elegant support for laptops, company products or water for the presenter. 

Our pedestals are three sided milky white acrylic, with a solid rear panel covered in fabric that reflects white inside. They can support up to 20 lbs with a 24″ x 18″ footprint on stage.

Pedestal Heights:  2.5′ tall   |   3′ tall   |   3.5′ tall   |   4′ tall

To provide creative, cost effective  “Modular Scenery” for a truly “Professional Look”.


Complete our quote application form and an MBP representative will review it and get back to you to discuss pricing.


View images and examples of our Modular “Frame and Panel” scenic possibilities.